Tourism information

    • Within 30 min by car
    • Kirishima city

    Koji and Czech theme park! Barrel Valley Praha&Gen

    Here you can learn about the history of koji(malted rice) and shochu, cuisine made with koji, and a theme park that will give you a feel for the Czech Republic!

    • Within 30 min by car
    • Kirishima city

    Long-established business for over 100 years! Kirishima distillery "Akarui nouson"

    Established in 1911, this is a long-established distillery where the employees welcome you with hospitality.

    • Within 30 min by car
    • Kirishima city

    Kirishima brand tea "Kirishima cha" is available! Japanese tea salon "Nenrindo"

    Kirishima City is actually a famous tea production area! Here is an introduction to Kirishima tea and a Japanese tea salon where you can drink Kirishima tea.

    • Kirishima city

    Boulangerie Noel, a popular bakery in Kirishima city

    We will introduce popular products from the popular bakery "Boulangerie Noel" located in Hayato town, Kirishima city, such as Hinatayama hot spring bread and Hinatayama hot spring pudding!

    • Tourism information
    • Kagoshima city

    "Sengan-en", the Shimazu family's villa of scenic beauty and retro Starbucks

    Here we introduce the highlights of Sengan-en garden and how to access it, and the Starbucks Coffee Kagoshima Sengan-en branch!

    • Within 30 min by car
    • Waterfall

    Ideal for a side trip on a Kirishima drive! Maruo Falls where hot springs fall

    We introduce you to a very unusual waterfall where four hot springs flow from upstream Kirishima: Hayashida, Einoo, Iodani, and Myoban.

    • Within 30 min by car
    • Park
    • Restaurant

    Enjoy the view of Kirishima for free! Kirishima Shinwa no Sato park

    It is located 670 meters above sea level. It is located in Kirishima Kinko Bay National Park and is also attached to Roadside Station Kirishima.

    • Within 30 min by car
    • Farm

    Takachiho ranch for families, couples, and friends

    A place where you can casually enter and relax, it is popular with a wide range of people, including families, couples, and friends.

    • Shinto shrine
    • Within 30 min by car
    • Kirishima area

    Kagoshima's No.1 shrine? Kirishima shrine

    Kirishima shrine is so famous among the locals that it is no exaggeration to say that it is the most famous Shinto shrine in Kagoshima prefecture.

    • Within 30 min by car
    • Station
    • Bento

    Historical wooden station building, Kareigawa station

    We would like to introduce you to Kareigawa station, located not far from Kagoshima airport!