Historical wooden station building, Kareigawa station

Sightseeing express "Hayato no Kaze" also used to stop at Kareigawa station

Kareigawa station is located not far from Kagoshima airport.

Opened in 1903, the station has been in operation for more than 110 years, and once prospered as a lumber transport station, with a cableway extending over the plateau.

The "Hayato no Kaze" train service was regrettably terminated on March 21, 2022.
Now we can no longer see the collaboration of the Kareigawa station and "Hayato no Kaze". However, Kareigawa station still exists quietly as it was.

Kareigawa station, with its quaint appearance, soothes tourists.

From the appearance of the station building, you may feel as if you have already... traveled back in time.
Built more than 100 years ago, the station building is the oldest in Kyushu and still retains the atmosphere of the Meiji Era.

In spring, the contrast with the rows of cherry trees is very beautiful!

During the cherry blossom viewing season in spring, the area around the station building turns pink and is extremely beautiful.
A few trains and cherry blossoms running during the day are wonderful, but the best time to visit is in the evening. The trains and cherry blossoms look great against the dimming blue of the night.

The "Hyakunen no Tabimonogatari Kareigawa" boxed lunch won first place in Kyushu for three consecutive years.

Although it is currently an unmanned station on the JR Hisatsu Line, the sightseeing express "Hayato no Kaze" also stops here, and the "Hyakunen no Tabimonogatari Kareigawa" boxed lunch, which has been ranked No.1 in Kyushu for three consecutive years, is very popular ^^♪

Why don't you come and visit this tasteful wooden station building?♬

Kareigawa station

Address Kareigawa, Hayato town, Kirishima city, Kagoshima prefecture 899-5113
20 min by car from Koshikano onsen