Boulangerie Noel, a popular bakery in Kirishima city

A popular bakery in Kirishima city

A 10 min drive from Koshikano Onsen.
Popular products from the popular bakery "Boulangerie Noel" in Hayato town, Kirishima city.
Hinatayama hot spring bread and Hinatayama hot spring pudding!

Hinatayama hot spring bread

Kirishima city, Kagoshima prefecture, where Boulangerie Noel is located, has four hot spring villages: Kirishima hot spring village, Kirishima shrine hot spring village, Myoken and Anraku hot spring village, Hinatayama hot spring village.

The oldest hot spring in the prefecture is Hanatayama hot spring which was frequented by Segodon, the famous Japanese poet Saigo Takamori.

What does this have to do with Hinatayama hot spring? If you are wondering, you are right.
In fact, Boulangerie Noel's Hinatayama hot spring bread is made with hot spring water from the Hinatayama hot spring!

The ingredients of the hot spring homogenized water and method make the bread freshly baked and soft.
It is said that it takes a lot of effort to take it out of the iron pot!

The bread has a reputation for being soft, fluffy, and delicious!

Hinatayama hot spring pudding

This Hinatayama hot spring pudding is also made with hot spring water from the Hinatayama hot spring!

The ingredients are eggs, sugar, and milk only.
The pudding liquid is steamed in the hot spring water of Hinatayama hot spring!

The pudding is a traditional hard pudding with a moderate sweetness.
It has a nostalgic taste with the flavor of eggs and milk.

If you like soft pudding but also want a hard pudding, this is the pudding for you!


Boulangerie Noel has many other popular menu items in addition to Hinatayama hot spring bread and Hinatayama hot spring pudding.
One of the most popular items on the menu is this lunch sandwich!

For JPY 650, you can enjoy a variety of sandwiches with many different ingredients!

We hope to make you smile both outside and at home!

They are made with such a wish in mind in their bulky sandwich boxes♪

In addition to the breads introduced above, there are many other kinds of breads available.

The owner, Mr. Tsuzaki, uses only safe, domestically produced ingredients.
From babies to the elderly, you can enjoy delicious bread with peace of mind♪

Please visit us when you come to Kirishima!

Boulangerie Noel

Address 3-130-1 Himegi, Hayato town, Kirishima city, Kagoshima prefecture 899-5111
Approximately 10 min by car from Koshikano onsen
Parking lot Available
Business hours 10:00 : 18:00
Business holiday Sunday ・ Monday
Phone number 0995-42-1718
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