Room layout

※The shape varies depending on the room.
※The bonfire is in a shared space.


  • Square meters

    115.69m2 (including 6m dome tent)

  • Capacity

    6 persons

  • Check-in


  • Check-out


  • Beds

    4 single beds
    ※Sleeping bags are available for 5 or more people

  • Pets

    Dogs are accepted in some rooms.
    ※Large dogs up to 40 kg are allowed.

  • Facilities

    • 6m dome tent with air-conditioning and heating (4 beds)
    • Open-air bath with hot spring water from the source
    • Cold bath
    • Toilet
    • Air-conditioned washroom and changing space
    • Air-conditioned eating space (with large refrigerator and BBQ grill)

Glamping is an easy way to enjoy the advantages of camping and the comfort of a hotel.
The dome tents are fully air-conditioned. In the winter, the floor heating system uses hot spring water to provide a comfortable stay even in winter.

Beach chairs for resting are available in the spacious bath area.
The shower space has a roof, and a curtain separates the space from the open-air bath.

Please experience the blissful glamping in the outdoor hot spring bath.

The Difference Between Suite and Onsen Ryokan Glamping

 Suite StandardHot spring ryokan
Maximum number of guests6 persons6 persons2 persons
(1 night per room for 2 persons with dinner and breakfast)
JPY 66,000 and up
(JPY 33,000 per adult)
JPY 55,000 and up
(JPY 27,500 per adult)
JPY 44,000 and up
(JPY 22,000 per adult)
DiningIndoor with air conditioning and heatingDeck terrace with air-conditioning and heatingIndoor with air conditioning and heating
washbasinIndoor with air conditioning and heating
2 bowls
1 bowl
Indoor with air conditioning and heating
1 bowl
Shower rooomIndoorCovered outdoorIndoor
Bonfire spacePrivate space*Only the room with pets have bonfires in the common space.Common spacePrivate space
Pets are welcomeYes
Up to 1 large dog up to 40 kg
(Up to 2 small dogs)
Up to 1 large dog up to 40 kg
(Up to 2 small dogs)
Up to 2 small dogs

Other features

  • スタンダードグランピング

    Amenities, Facilities, Options

    Travel light for a full-course of luxury. We provide not only essentials like skincare products but also feature high-end appliances you've always wanted to try in your room. Pack lightly and take home abundant memories from your enjoyable stay.


Number of guestsPrice (1 night with dinner plan included, tax included)
1 room for 1 personsJPY 52,250 and up (JPY 52,250 per adult)
1 room for 2 personsJPY 55,000 and up (JPY 27,500 per adult)
1 room for 3 personsJPY 69,300 and up (JPY 23,100 per adult)
1 room for 4 personsJPY 79,200 and up (JPY 19,800 per adult)
1 room for 5 personsJPY 93,500 and up (JPY 18,700 per adult)
1 room for 6 personsJPY 105,600 and up (JPY 17,600 per adult)
Children's PricePrice (1 night meals are the same as for adults, tax included)
Under 5 years oldFree
Elementary school students
(6 to 11 years old)
30% of the room charge (for one adult)
  • The bath tax is JPY 150 per person.
  • The amount is a basic charge. The amount may vary depending on long consecutive holidays and the state of congestion. We offer various plans, so please check the reservation form for the amount you are applying for.
  • Please check the reservation form for the best rate.
  • You are free to bring in any additional food items you wish. (BYOB : no charge)
  • We offer early check-in and late check-out upon request.
    Early check-in: 16:00 (JPY 3,300/building)
    Late check-out: 11:00 (JPY 3,300/building) *Limited to the first 3 groups per day