Ideal for a side trip on a Kirishima drive! Maruo Falls where hot springs fall

Maruo Falls with the smell of hot spring water

At 23 meters high and 16 meters wide, it appears at first glance to be an ordinary waterfall but, the waterfall here is very unusual in that it is fed by four hot springs located upstream in Kirishima hot spring village: Hayashida, Einoo, Iodani, and Myoban.

Because the hot springs are the source of the water, the amount of water flowing from the waterfall changes depending on the season and time of year.

You can enjoy the fantastic world of rainbows during the day and lights up at night!

If you are lucky, you can see a rainbow over the waterfall. In the fall, the leaves turn red, and in the winter, the hot spring baths create a steamy atmosphere.
The waterfall is also illuminated at night, so you can see various faces depending on the season and time of year.

The waterfall with the blue reflection is very pleasant!

The milky blue color is due to the mixture of hot spring water.
If you are passing nearby, be sure to stop by Maruo Falls, where you can park your car in the parking lot and enjoy the waterfall from the observation platform nearby.

Maruo Falls

Address Takachiho, Makizono-cho, Kirishima, Kagoshima, 899-6603
30 min by car from Koshikano onsen
Business hours 24 hours open
Admission fee Free
Parking lot Free