Kagoshima's No. 1 shrine? Kirishima shrine

Kirishima Shinto shrine

Kirishima shrine is so famous among the locals that it is no exaggeration to say that it is the most famous Shinto shrine in Kagoshima prefecture.

Kirishima Shinto shrine was built in the 6th century

After being damaged many times by eruption and fire, it was rebuilt in its present location in 1715 from a dedication by Shimazu Yoshitaka.
It has been in its present form for 300 years.

In 1989, it was designated as an important cultural property of Japan.

The vermilion-lacquered shrine pavilion appears on the approach to the temple, which is lined with trees.

The shrine is located at the end of a path full of negative ions.

Recommended: spring and fall

Kirishima Shinto shrine is surrounded by forests, so the autumn leaves are spectacular!
The contrast between the cherry blossoms and the shrine pavilion is very beautiful in the spring as well, and it is said to be a power spot!

The large tree next to the precinct is a sight to behold!

The origin of this power spot must be this sacred tree.
It is said to be a sacred tree, and when you see it in person, you will be overwhelmed by its presence.
We hope you will see it in person.

Please stop by when you visit Koshikano onsen.

Kirishima shrine

Address 2608-5, Kirishima Taguchi, Kirishima, Kagoshima 899-4201
20 min by car from Koshikano onsen
Business hours Free to visit the temple grounds. Reception at the awarding office is from 8:00 to 17:00
Entrance fee Free
Parking lot Free
Parking capacity: 500 cars