Hot springs and spring water said to be good for beautiful skin

Honor of a well-known hot spring

The quality of the spring water has made it a well-known hot spring good for the skin.

The most prized feature of Koshikano onsen is the quality of its carbonic acid spring water.

It boasts one of the best quality hot springs in Japan with its own carbonated spring water.
It is said to contain many ingredients that are good for the skin, and the water is said to be skin-friendly.

This authentic hot spring water is popular with women as well as with those who enjoy hot-spring cures.

Koshikano onsen qualities and effects

Spring quality Sodium, hydrogencarbonate spring (hypotonic , neutral, extra hot spring)
Spring source temperature 53.0°C
pH value 7.2
Indications Incised wound, peripheral circulatory disturbance, sensitivity to cold, xeroderma
Main ingredients

Sodium ion 66.0% Magnesium ion 15.7
Calcium ion 12.9% Potassium ion 4.4

Bicarbonate ion 84.7% Chloride ion 15.23

Abundant hot water

Healing customers with its abundance of hot water

In addition to "Koso," the hot spring that opened in 1978, we also draw first class hot water from a new source.

The hot spring water that flows by you unceasingly will heal both your body and soul.