We have prepared a variety of equipment for your comfort and convenience.

We have all the amenities and cooking facilities you will need during your stay. Each tent is air-conditioned and has free Wi-Fi access.

  • Skin lotion

    This skin lotion and emulsion are made with hot spring water from Koshikano onsen, which has been loved as a therapeutic hot spring for 40 years in Kagoshima prefecture for its effect on getting beautiful skin.
    More than 90% of the lotion is made with hot spring water.

  • Authentic coffee maker
    (Offered at suite glamping and onsen ryokan glamping)

    Fully automatic coffee makers by De'Longhi are available for suite glamping, and fully automatic coffee makers by Balmuda are available for Onsen Ryokan glamping.
    You can enjoy freshly ground, authentic coffee at the touch of a button at any time.

  • Large stove for BBQ(provided in Suites and Standard Glamping)
  • MAGIC GRILL Hot Plate
    (Offered at Onsen Ryokan Glamping)
  • De'Longhi
    Hot sandwich maker
  • TIGER Gobo Hiyaki Rice Cooker
    (Offered at Onsen Ryokan Glamping)
  • Hair dryer
  • Hair iron/curling iron
    (Offered Suite Glamping)
  • Refrigerator
  • Electric kettle
  • Blender
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Cleansing oil
  • Yukata
  • Face masks
  • Towels
We also provide unbreakable plates, cups, pots, fry pan, claypots, cutting boards, fork knives, and various types of chopsticks.

A safe and natural biomass fuel that does not affect people's food supply.
We offer environmentally friendly amenities made from rice husks.

  • Toothbrush
  • Razor
  • Cotton set
  • Hairbrush
  • Body towels


We can make your experience more intense and we offer a variety of options to make your experience even richer.

You can indulge in the hot springs, sauna, BBQ, and complimentary beverages included in your room rate, since you are here to experience glamping. Enjoy the extraordinary experience with our optional extras.

  • Glamping
    Meat Upgrade

    One of two types of Wagyu beef from Kagoshima Prefecture can be upgraded to "Extra High Quality Kagoshima Wagyu Beef". The portion varies depending on the day's procurement, such as shoulder loin or ribeye, but it is a high-quality marbled steak that is approved by our chef and looks great before grilling.

    Approx. for 2 persons: 160-200g

    JPY 2,200 per 2 persons
    JPY 4,400 per 3-4 persons
    JPY 6,600 per 5-6 persons
    *Photo shows 4 servings

    Onsen Ryokan Glamping
    Meat Upgrade

    Assorted meat platter with Kagoshima meat
    (Kagoshima Dakgalbi,Domestic pork belly,4 kinds of domestic chicken)

    JPY 2,200 per person
    Applicable to the number of guests staying at the hotel.
  • Bonfire

    Camping is all about bonfires! Glamping campfires are easy to enjoy and well prepared in advance. Even first-timers will enjoy using it.

    Cancellations are possible in case of rain.
    Average time of use: 2 hours

    JPY 3,300/time
  • Bonfire snack

    How about a unique snack while making a bonfire?
    A MEGA marshmallow with a lot of honey and a baked sweet potato will be a great photo to take. We recommend eating it with ice cream from the freezer, cooling it in the refrigerator, or roasting it over the campfire.

    For 2 people

    • MEGA marshmallow 2 piecesJPY 300
    • Golden honey sweet potato 2 piecesJPY 900
    • Bonfire sweets set for 2JPY 1,000

    For additional

    • MEGA marshmallow 1 pieceJPY 150
    • Golden honey sweet potato 1 pieceJPY 450
    • Bonfire sweets setJPY 500

    Enjoy Bonfire Set

    Golden honey sweet potato x MEGA marshmallow x rainbow-colored bonfire - 2 each

    JPY 1,660 per set
  • 虹色焚き火

    Rainbow-colored bonfire

    The flames of a campfire turn into rainbow colors? Why don't you come and see this magical and mysterious flame in person? This is a great option for those who love to do something different.
    You can enjoy it even if it is your first time.

    ※Please be assured that there are zero harmful substances.

    JPY 550/time

    Bonfire enjoyment set

    Golden sweet potato x MEGA marshmallow x rainbow-colored bonfire
    All 2 each

    JPY 1,660 by set
  • Fountain fruit punch

    Fruit punch and spurting cider will surely get the crowd going!
    Please enjoy a different kind of fruit punch with party specifications.

    JPY 1,540 per time
  • Fireworks display

    Fireworks are a summer tradition! We offer hand-held fireworks sets that allow you to enjoy the long, vigorous sparks of silver grass, sparks that resemble snowflakes, and sparklers that quietly scatter delicate sparks.

    Cancellable in case of rain.

    JPY 660 L size
    JPY 990 XL size
  • Astronomy telescope

    Glampers who enjoy the outdoors can also use an astronomical telescope to enjoy the star-filled sky even more.
    The telescope can also be used to take photos with your smartphone, so you can save photos that clearly show craters.

    Cancellations are possible in case of rain.

    JPY 2,200/time
  • Sauna poncho

    It is to regulate body temperature in the open air after sauna. Also, we have started renting these for customers who want to take sauna photos but don't want to expose themselves,
    Available in any size for both men and women.

    JPY 440/piece
  • Sauna hat

    Sauna tent installed in Suite Glamping.

    If you don't like the heat of the sauna, try wearing a sauna hat. It protects your head from the heat that tends to accumulate in the upper part of the sauna, and also protects your scalp and prevents your hair from drying out.

    Please ask at the front desk for use.

  • Warm clothes rental (Workman)

    If you are looking for a luxurious way to enjoy the outdoors in winter, consider renting one. It is not only serves as cozy attire but also provides protection against the scent of bonfires and stray sparks.

    Click here for Workman's special website

  • Rental e-BIKE

    Enjoy the magnificent nature and sights of Kirishima by renting a bicycle.
    Bicycles can be rented during your stay as well as before and after check-in and check-out.

    ※The rental fee includes the equipment such as the main unit, helmet, chain lock, and smart phone folder, as well as insurance coverage (indemnity, disability, and theft insurance).
    ※Free rental helmets and gloves are available for those who wish to use them.

    Basic charge

    • 1 hour:JYP 1,540
    • 2 hour:JYP 2,530
    • 3 hour:JYP 3,410
    • 4 hour:JYP 4,840

    Extension fees

    • 1 hour:JYP 1,100
    • 22:00 to 10:00:JYP 5,500
  • Doggy Meal Set

    Dog-friendly menu for both dogs and people
    Main dish (pizza or hamburger), dessert and boiled vegetables on one plate.

    ●Main (optional)
    ・Beef WAN Burger
    Beef hamburger and cabbage sandwiched on a bun baked without salt.
    Diameter: 7 cm
    Package size: (approx.) 10 (W) x 9 (D) x 5 (H) cm

    ・PIZZA-LA Teriyaki Chicken
    PIZZA-LA's "Teriyaki Chicken" pizza arranged for dogs, a collaboration with PIZZA-LA.
    Diameter: 10 cm
    Package size: 12 (W) x 12 (D) x 3 (H) cm

    ・Heart-shaped 4-layered cup mousse
    A cute heart-shaped, four-layer cup of sweets. Enjoy the look and taste with your dog.
    Diameter approx. 5 x Height 7.5 (cm)

    ●Boiled vegetables
    Served without seasoning.

    Please check here for ingredients and allergies.

    JPY 1,650 per plate
  • Air shisha

    Why not make your shisha debut at Glamping?
    Air shisha is a water tobacco that contains no nicotine or tar.
    It has a robust flavor and a great smoking experience, but without the smell characteristic of cigarettes. Enjoy it in your favorite flavor.

    Each flavor can be smoked approximately 200 times. (Individuals may vary).


    • 1 bottleJPY 1,980
    • 1 bottlesJPY 3,520


    • Cassis Orange
    • Ocean Mix
    • Jasmine Tea
    • White Peach Tea
    • Tropical Guava
    JPY 1,650 each
  • Board game

    We have a variety of board games available for you to play in your room.
    Kindly ask at the front desk if you would like to borrow them.