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Kirishima brand tea "Kirishima cha" is available! Japanese tea salon "Nenrindo".

Kirishima brand tea "Kirishima cha" is available! Japanese tea salon "Nenrindo".

What comes to mind when you hear the name Kirishima in Kagoshima prefecture?
Hot springs? Shochu? Black pig?
Actually, Kirishima is also famous for its tea!

There is a brand of tea called "Kirishima Cha".
This time, we will introduce Kirishima tea and the Japanese tea salon "Nenrindo" where you can drink Kirishima tea.

~Kirishima Tea~

What is Kirishima Tea?

Kirishima has Sakurajima to the south and the Kirishima mountain range to the north.
It is also cool throughout the year, with a temperature difference between morning and evening.

This climate is suitable for growing tea, and the tea grown in Kirishima has a high reputation.
Kirishima tea, which is grown in Kirishima, is highly reputed and has been awarded the production area prize at the National Tea Fair for three consecutive years.(for 3 years from 2017 to 2019)

What does Kirishima tea taste like?

Clear green color, refreshing aroma, mild sweetness, and rich fullness, Kirishima tea has a perfect balance of all the elements.
It has a refreshing taste with a touch of sweetness and richness!


About Nenrindo

This café is located in the Daichanoki park.

Originally, there was a large tea tree here that was called the largest in Japan.
Sencha (green tea) from the tea tree was called "tea of longevity" and it is said that until before World War II, the first picking tea were dedicated to Kirishima shrine and Kagoshima shrine.

In 1937, it was designated a national natural monument and was loved by the locals, but died out around 1945.

However, a cutting was taken when there was a big tea tree, and it grew up and is called Kirishima big tea tree and is now preserved in the current Daichanoku park.

The owner, Mr. Shinzato, who is in charge of the community revitalization department of the local community association apparently decided to build Nenrindo to provide a place for people to gather and rest in this park under the second generation Daichanoki, which is cherished as a symbol of history.

What is the recommended menu?

Nenrido's recommended menu item is this Kirishima tea set!

You can choose one kind of tea from among five kinds of Kirishima teas.
The menu also describes the characteristics of the tea leaves, so it is fun to take your time and make your choice!

These ohagi are also moderately sweet and go great with Kirishima tea.

They are moderately big, but they are so delicious that you will want to have another one!

It is also a good place to relax with a cup of Kirishima tea in a space where time passes leisurely♪

Nearby is the Kumasono Ana, where modern art is painted, and Inukai falls, which was visited by Ryoma Sakamoto.
There is also a wooden train station over 100 years old called "Kareigawa station.
Why don't you take a break during your tourism tour?


Address 690-5 Mochimatsu, Makizono-cho, Kirishima city, Kagoshima 899-6505
About 10 min by car from Koshikano onsen
Parking lot Available
Business hours 10:00 : 17:00
Business holiday Wednesday ・ Thursday
Phone number 0995-55-1369
Related link https://nenrindo.jp/