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Koshikano Onsen is a group company
of Vision Corporation (TSE Prime Listed Company
[Securities Code: 9416])


What is Glamping?

Glamping is a coined word combining the words "glamorous" and "camping.
Glamping at Koshikano onsen is Japan's first glamping facility* where all rooms have private space and an outdoor hot spring bath.
The tents are fully air-conditioned and have everything you need for your stay in your private room, including a dining area and restrooms, not to mention an open-air hot spring bath.
Some rooms have tent saunas, container houses, and floor heating for further enrichment and enjoyment regardless of rain or season.
Enjoy not only the full advantages of camping in the rich natural environment of Kirishima, but also the comfort of a hotel-like setting.

※Private space means that each user's entire room has the four functions required of a hotel (bed, toilet, bath, and eating space) and are not visible from the outside.
(As of December 29, 2021) / Stellar Associe research


Glamping with with "open-air bath with hot spring water from the source".

Koshikano onsen has its own hot spring source and also boasts one of the best quality hot springs in Japan.
All rooms are fully equipped with hot spring water that has been loved as "hot water for beautiful skin”.
After a day of fun and games, please spend a relaxing time in the hot spring and enjoy the luxury of a hot spring bath.



Special Space with air-conditioned, bonfire, and starry sky

Dome tents and changing areas are air-conditioned and heated.
You can spend a comfortable time even in the heat of summer or the cold of winter.
On the other hand, the campsite also offers a special space with starry sky, bonfires, and other fun features.



Your own "Revitalize" glamping experience

The tent sauna can be enjoyed by both beginners and veterans because it is reserved for private use.
You can come and go without worrying about being seen and if it is too hot, the temperature can be freely adjusted.
Create your own comfortable space and enjoy it.
※Available for suite glamping only.



Glamping BBQ for dinner

Food will be fresh vegetables and rice produced in Kagoshima prefecture.
Seasonal vegetables grown on the premises are also available.
*Dinner menus will change for glamping and onsen ryokan glamping.



Pets are welcome! Glamping

Glamping with Your Pet for the Ultimate Time (experience)!
We welcome your pets to join you in glamping, ensuring the best time and experience for all. You can bring up to two small dogs weighing up to 10 kg each or one medium to large dog weighing up to 40 kg.
To ensure your stay is as hassle-free as possible, we provide a range of dog amenities, including a leash, pet sheet, poop bags, plastic bags, towels, food bowls, and water trays, so you can travel light. We also offer towels, food dishes, water trays, waste disposal rolls, deodorant spray, shampoo, a hairdryer, and more for your added convenience during your stay.


Difference in glamping

 Suite StandardHot spring ryokan
Maximum number of guests6 persons6 persons2 persons
(1 night per room for 2 persons with dinner and breakfast)
JPY 66,000 and up
(JPY 33,000 per adult)
JPY 55,000 and up
(JPY 27,500 per adult)
JPY 44,000 and up
(JPY 22,000 per adult)
DiningIndoor with air conditioning and heatingDeck terrace with air-conditioning and heatingIndoor with air conditioning and heating
washbasinIndoor with air conditioning and heating
2 bowls
1 bowl
Indoor with air conditioning and heating
1 bowl
Shower rooomIndoorCovered outdoorIndoor
Bonfire spacePrivate space*Only the room with pets have bonfires in the common space.Common spacePrivate space
Pets are welcomeYes
Up to 1 large dog up to 40 kg
(Up to 2 small dogs)
Up to 1 large dog up to 40 kg
(Up to 2 small dogs)
Up to 2 small dogs