~Going by public transportation! Kirishima shrine tourism course~

Not good at driving a car!
Here is a tourism course of Kirishima shrine by public transportation recommended for those who are not good at driving!

①Kagoshima airport

First of all, Kagoshima airport is the gateway to Kagoshima.
As soon as you exit the domestic arrival gate, you will find a natural hot spring footbath called "Oyattosaa".

Oyattosaa is a Kagoshima dialect and it means "Good work" or "Thanks for your hard work" in Kagoshima dialect.
You can enter the footbath for free!

Purchase a one-day bus ticket at the airport bus information center located near this footbath!

Kirishima Hop-On Hop-Off Plan
Adult JPY 1,100
Child JPY 550

After purchasing the one-day pass, go to the bus stop in front of the footbath.
Take a bus on the Myoken-Hayato station line (Myoken route) from the no. 9 bus stop and get off the bus at Kareigawa station.

②Kareigawa station

Kareigawa Station is a wooden station building more than 100 years old.

However, it was registered as a tangible cultural property in 2006, Many visitors come from all over Japan to see the quaint station building.

In addition, the Kareigawa boxed lunch, which was made to accompany the Hayato no Kaze(limited express train), has won the Grand Prix in the JR Kyushu Ekiben Ranking for three consecutive years and is sold at the Kamigawa station on saturdays and sundays♪

This ekiben is popular for its simple and gentle taste with local ingredients and seasoning!

Address 2174 Kareigawa, Hayato town, Kirishima city, Kagoshima prefecture, 899-5113
Parking lot Available
Business day All year
Day off Nonstop
Phone number 0995-45-5111 (Kirishima city tourism PR Division)

Next we will head for Maruo Falls.

A short walk from the Kareigawa station, there is a bus stop in the area shown in the map above.
From that bus stop, take the Kagoshima airport - Kirishima Iwasaki hotel bus and after a 30 min ride, get off at the bus stop called Maruo.

③Maruo Falls

Maruo falls, which you can see on this page.

Get off at the Maruo bus stop and walk for about 10 min.

It is 23 meters high and 16 meters wide!
The waterfalls are fed by a mixture of hot spring water from the nearby Iodani hot spring and other hot springs, so the waterfall basin is an emerald green color.

The scent of sulfur and the natural mist shower are breathtaking!
This is a sightseeing spot that you should definitely visit♪

Address Takachiho Maruo, Makizono-cho, Kirishima city, Kagoshima, 899-6603
Parking lot Parking capacity: 7 cars
Business day All year
Phone number 0995-45-5111 (Kirishima city tourism PR Division)

After seeing Maruo falls, take the bus bound for Kokubun via Kirishima shrine from the bus stop marked Maruo ③ and get off at the entrance of Kirishima Shinwa's park.

④Kirishima Shinwa no Sato park (Kirishima roadside station)

Kirishima Shinwa no Sato park is widely known as roadside station Kirishima.

It has a train-like ride called a road train, a super-slide that goes down from the observation plaza to the sledding area, and a lift, There is also a super slider and a tourist lift that takes you sledding down from the observatory square, so it is a perfect park for children!

You can see Kinko Bay and Sakurajima when the weather is fine from the rest area on the top of the hill♪

Address 2583-22, Kirishima Taguchi, Kirishima, Kagoshima 899-4201
Parking lot Available
Parking capacity: 100 cars
Business hours 9:00 : 17:00
Phone number 0995-57-1711
Related link https://www.shinwanosato.jp/

After enjoying Kirishima Shinwa no Sato park, take a bus for Kokubun for Kirishima Jingu from the bus stop at the entrance of the park again and get off at Kirishima shrine.

⑤Kirishima shrine

Kirishima shrine, which is also introduced on this page.

It was designated as a national treasure in February 2022.
It is one of the most famous power spots in southern Kyushu!
In the front yard of the shrine, there is an 800-year-old sacred tree called the ancestor of cedar trees in southern Kyushu.

In addition, the shrine pavilion is made of cedar cut from the temple grounds in a vivid vermilion color and is beautifully decorated.

The beautiful Kirishima shrine is called the "Nikko of the West".
It is a recommended spot that you should not miss when you come to Kagoshima!

Address 2608-5, Kirishima Taguchi, Kirishima city, Kagoshima, 899-4201
Parking lot Free
Parking capacity: 500 cars
Business hours Free to visit the grounds of the temple
Prayers, etc. and the awarding office are available from 8:00 to 17:00.
Business holiday No mid-year break
Phone number 0995-57-0001
Related link https://kirishimajingu.or.jp/

After visiting Kirishima shrine, take a bus bound for Kokubun from the same bus stop.

⑥Kokubun station

Arrive at Kokubun station, the last stop♪

Thank you for your long trip!
How was the Kirishima shrine tourism course by public transportation?

When it comes to tourism, you may have an image of a car, but in Kirishima, you can go around the tourist spots by public transportation♪

Kokubu station is not just a terminal station.

It is also a pick-up and drop-off point for Koshika hot spring♪
(Pick-up service is also available from Kagoshima airport!)

⑦Koshikano onsen

It takes about 15 min from Kokubun station by pick-up service.
Koshikano onsen is located in the direction of Kirishima shrine.

Since its establishment in 1978, this hot spring has gained a reputation for the quality of its spring quality!

It is a sodium-hydrogencarbonate spring quality which removes unwanted keratin from the skin and dirt from the pores, and is therefore known as a hot spring for beautiful skin♪

Of course, the spring water is free-flowing!
It is sure to heal the fatigue of your journey♪

Address 2625 Matsunaga, Hayato, Kirishima city, Kagoshima 899-5112
Parking lot Available
Business holiday No mid-year break
Phone number 0995-43-4046
Related link https://koshikano-onsen.com/

After tourism, enjoy delicious food and relax in a hot spring♪
Why don't you try such an ideal trip?

When you travel to Kagoshima, be sure to stop by the tourists spots introduced and Koshikano onsen♪