~Going by car! Kirishima city tourism course~

Want to do some tourism in Kirishima city by car!
Here is a recommended tourism course in Kirishima city for those who want to explore the city by car!

Kirishima city, Kagoshima prefecture, where Kagoshima airport is located.

There are four hot spring villages: Kirishima hot spring village, Kirishima shrine hot spring village, Myoken and Anraku hot spring villages, Hinatayama hot spring village and Kirishima city attracts many tourists every year.

There are many attractive spots in Kirishima City, but let's start here!

①Kumasono Ana

Approximately 15 min by car from Kagoshima airport.
Kumasono ana is located near myoken hot spring and the people called "Kumaso" mentioned in the Kojiki and Nihonshoki, lived there.

Kawakami takeru, the leader of the Kumaso tribe, was defeated by Ousu no mikoto(later known as yamato takeru no mikoto) who was dressed as a woman.

Today, this is an art spot with modern art by artist Sadayuki Hagiwara!
It is a rare spot where you can feel art in the midst of nature, so please visit♪

Address 4381-1, Kareigawa, Hayato town, Kirishima city, Kagoshima prefecture, 899-5113
Parking lot Available
Business day All year
Regular closing day Nonstop
Phone number 0995-77-2111(Myoken ishihara villa)

②Inukai Falls

It is about 5 min by car from Kumasono Ana.
Inukai falls is a 36-meter-high waterfall in the middle of the Nakatsu River, which originates from Mt. Kirishima.

Ryoma Sakamoto and his wife Oryo visited here on their first honeymoon in Japan!

There is a 300m promenade leading from the parking lot to the observation plaza at the waterfall basin.
There are many places near the waterfall that are wet from the spray, so I recommend you to go there with sneakers and clothes that you don't mind getting wet!

If you are lucky, you can see a rainbow over the waterfall basin.

Address Shimona katsugawa, Makizono-cho, Kirishima-shi, Kagoshima 899-6506
Parking lot Available
Business day All year
Regular closing day Nonstop
Phone number 0995-45-5111 (Kirishima city tourism PR Division)

③Hinatayama Segodon village

Approximately 15 min drive from Inukai falls.
Hinatayama segodon village opened in Kirishima City on January 23th 2019, the day of Saigo Takamori's birth.

Hinayatama segodon village, a restored residence of the Ryuho family where Saigo Takamori stayed when he visited Hinatayama and Segodon no Hitotsuba, where Saigo Takamori is said to have hitched his horse.
There is also a restaurant featuring local ingredients and a restaurant featuring local ingredients and a footbath that draws hot spring water from the Hinatayama hot spring, It is a sightseeing facility where visitors can enjoy food and footbaths while getting acquainted with the history of the area.

This place also sells soft-serve ice cream, It is also a must-try item! It is very tasty, so please try it!

Address 1487-1 Uchi, Hayato town, Kirishima city, Kagoshima prefecture, 899-5116
Parking lot Free
Parking capacity: 65 cars
Business hours Restaurant/8:30 : 15:00
Specialty products shop/8:30 : 18:00
Segodon no Inn, Tourist Information Center/9:00 : 18:00
Footbath/10:00 : 17:00
Business holiday No mid-year break
Phone number 0995-56-8615
Related link https://www.city-kirishima.jp/kirikan/kanko/leisure/hayato/sisetu.html#segodonmura

④Kagoshima shrine

It takes about 5 min by car from Segodon village.
Some people may think of Kirishima shrine when they think of Kirishima, Kagoshima shrine is also very famous.

What is it famous for? Prayers for childbirth!

The main deity of Shakutai shrine, which is an auxiliary shrine of Kagoshima shrine, is the same as the main deity of Kagoshima shrine "Hiko Hohodemi no mikoto" and "Toyotama Himi no mikoto"

Toyotama Himi no mikoto is famous as a goddess of easy childbirth, since she gave birth to "Ugayafukiaezu no mikoto".
The shrine is also famous for its blessings for easy childbirth.

The shrine is also famous for a round stone called "Maruishi" and if you take it home as a good-luck charm, it is believed to bring good luck for childbirth!

The stones are piled up on the shrine grounds after you take them home as a good-luck charm and when the child is born safely there is a custom that the Maruishi stone found on the river is returned to the mountain of stones.

Address 2496-1, Uchi 2496-1, Hayato town, Kirishima city, Kagoshima prefecture, 899-5116
Parking lot Free
Parking capacity: 350 cars
Business hours 8:30 : 17:00
Phone number 0995-42-00201
Related link https://kagoshima-jingu.jp/

⑤Uenohara Jomon no mori

Approximately 30 min by car from Kagoshima shrine.
Uenohara Jomon no mori is located on high ground in Kirishima City.

The museum has an exhibition hall where visitors can learn about the Jomon period, a restored village, a museum for preserving the ruins, and a learning center where visitors can experience the Jomon period by making a fire.

Also, from the nearby Kirishima city Children's museum, Sakurajima, Kinko bay, and Kirishima city can be seen.

Address 1-1 Uenohara Jomon no mori, Kokubun, Kirishima, Kagoshima 899-4318
Parking lot Free
Parking capacity: 500 cars
Business hours 9:00 : 17:00 (but admission until 16:30)
Closed (Exhibition hall) ・Every Monday (When monday falls on a holiday, the park is closed on the following day)
・Year-end and New Year holidays
Phone number 0995-48-5701
Related link https://www.jomon-no-mori.jp/

Now, what do you think about the five spots we have introduced?
There are many tourist spots in Kirishima in addition to those introduced here♪

You want to heal your tired body after a lot of tourist!
Here is the last spot you should visit when you want to relax!

⑥Koshikano onsen

About 30 min by car from Uenohara Jomon no mori.
If you drive in the direction of Kirishima shrine, you will find a hot spring in Koshikano.

Since its establishment in 1978, this hot spring has gained a reputation for the quality of its spring quality!

It is a sodium-hydrogencarbonate spring quality which removes unwanted keratin from the skin and dirt from the pores, and is therefore known as a hot spring for beautiful skin♪

Of course, the spring water is free-flowing!
It is sure to heal the fatigue of your journey♪

Address 2625 Matsunaga, Hayato, Kirishima city, Kagoshima 899-5112
Parking lot Available
Business holiday No mid-year break
Phone number 0995-43-4046
Related link https://koshikano-onsen.com/

After tourism, enjoy delicious food and relax in a hot spring♪
Why don't you try such an ideal trip?

When you travel to Kagoshima, be sure to stop by the tourists spots introduced and Koshikano onsen♪