"Sakamoto kurozu" (black vinegar) , Sakamoto Brewery, a process that has continued for over 200 years

"Sakamoto kurozu" (black vinegar) , Sakamoto Brewery, a process that has continued for over 200 years

In the town of Fukuyama at Kirishima city, there is a pot field lined with many pots.

The contents of the jars are black vinegar waiting to mature!

Sakamoto kurozu is made using a method that has been in use for over 200 years!

We will introduce the Sakamoto Brewery!

~The birthplace of kurozu making~

Kurozu in Sakamoto was first produced in the late Edo period!

The town of Fukuyama in Kirishima is surrounded by mountains on three sides and is located on a south-facing slope, making it a suitable environment for kurozu production.

In addition, foodstuffs and daily necessities gathered in Fukuyama which was a prosperous commercial port with rice and pots, raw materials for kurozu, were easily available in Fukuyama, Kurozu brewing is said to have started here!

Today, as in the past, the brewing engineer still uses all five senses to watch over the process from fermentation to maturation, and the kurozu is produced with great care.

~Tsubobatake information center~

Tsubobatake information center and a restaurant are also located on the same site.

At the information center, you can learn about the process of kurozu from preparation to maturation, as well as the birth and history of kurozu!

~Tsubobatake restaurant~

This is a nice restaurant with a panoramic view of the pot fields and Sakurajima.
You can eat healthful dishes using Sakamoto kurozu.

We recommend this "Tsubobatake" dim sum lunch ♪

・Assorted 3 kinds of appetizers
・Assorted 3 kinds of dim sum
・Steamed Sakurajima Chicken with Bean Bean Sauce
・Assorted 2 kinds of fried food
・Half-size hot and sour hot noodles

The price is JPY 1,980 (tax included) !

All dishes are exquisite while enjoying the view of the pot field and Sakurajima!
Please come and try it♪

And it's not just a tour, you can also enjoy tasting, sampling, and shopping for products made from kurozu.

Why don't you take this opportunity to taste kurozu that has been produced for 200 years?

Sakamoto Kurozu (Black Vinegar) Tsubobatake Information Center

Address 3075 Fukuyama, fukuyama-cho, Kirishima city, Kagoshima preferecture 899-4501
Approximately 40 min by car from Koshikano onsen
Parking lot Available
(Capacity : 80 cars)
Business hours Information center/9:00-17:00
Restaurant/10:00-17:00 (L.O. 16:00)
Business holiday Year-end and New Year holidays
Phone number 0995-54-7200
Related link http://www.tsubobatake.jp/