Kirin shop, an old Japanese-style house selling local specialities where you can find something unique only here.

We'll introduce the charm of Kirin shop, an old Japanese-style house built over 130 years ago,
where nature and people gather.

It takes about 20 min by car from Koshikano onsen to Kirishima hot spring.
Kirin shop is located along Route 223.

Origin of Kirin shop

The name of this store is somewhat strange, but it is not an animal giraffe.

It is a store that sells tea from Kirishima and a "n" was added to "Kiri" of Kirishima so it became "Kirin".
Kirin shop is a shop selling local specialities that sells delicious and wonderful products made in the Kirishima area!

The owner is Akihiro Sugikawa, who used to be a designer in Fukuoka.

The Owner's Hospitality: Cha-ippe.

Have you ever heard of the word "cha-ippe"?
It is an old Kagoshima saying, "Please have a cup of tea and relax.
It is a word of hospitality that has been used in Kagoshima since long ago.

As the name suggests, when you visit Kirin shop, the owner, Mr. Akihiro, will make you a cup of delicious tea.
As you enjoy talking with him over a cup of delicious tea, you will forget about the time and linger in the shop for a long time.

This cozy atmosphere is one of the reasons why people come to Kirin shop.

Encounter with handmade goods that can only be found here

Kirin shop is filled with handmade goods made by local Kirishima people.
You will find folk crafts, organic Kirishima tea, bread, and other items that are not sold in ordinary souvenir shops.
Some of the products have packages designed by the owner, Akihiro!

You can also enjoy the café menu using Kirishima tea, especially the "Kirishima Matcha Latte" (JPY 540), which is made with a generous amount of organic matcha carefully prepared one cup at a time.

Also popular are the Zenzai(dessert soup made with azuki beans) in the fall and winter, and the shaved ice with homemade syrup, a specialty in the spring and summer.
In particular, the green tea syrup is freshly made every day.

Every time you visit, you will see new products and menu items, so you will want to visit every time the seasons change.

Connecting people with tea

Many people gather at Kirin shop.

First-time visitors and regular customers alike naturally start conversations as they enjoy a cup of tea together.

"Are you a tourist?" or "Where are you from?
The conversation between customers who don't know each other gets lively over a cup of tea.

It makes you feel warm and nostalgic, as if you are at your grandmother's house.

Why don't you take a break at the shop, where a lot of good things from Kirishima are gathered?
When you come to Kirishima, please enjoy the tea.

Kirin shop

Address 1424 Shukubota, Makizono-cho, Kirishima city, Kagoshima 899-6507
Approximately 20 min by car from Koshikano onsen
Parking lot Available
Business hours Friday, saturday, sunday,monday
10:00 - 17:00
Business holiday Tuesday, wednesday and thursday
Phone number 0995-73-3204
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