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Koshikano Onsen is a group company
of Vision Corporation (TSE Prime Listed Company
[Securities Code: 9416])


Koshikano Onsen GLAMPING
What is Glamping?

Glamping combines the words glamorous and camping.
It refers to an overnight experience that combines the outdoor feel of camping with the comfort of a hotel or ryokan.

Koshikano Onsen in Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, located at the southernmost tip of Kyushu, is Japan's first glamping facility where all rooms are private and include an outdoor hot spring bath.
The rooms are equipped with everything you need to stay overnight, and include private meals made with local Kagoshima meat, hot spring baths, and restrooms. You can spend your time doing anything you want, wherever you want at any time of the day.
What will you enjoy the most? Our air-conditioned and heated indoor spaces, outdoor hot spring bath, sauna, bonfire, or barbecue?
Please enjoy a luxurious stay in the peaceful environment of Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture.

※Private space means that each user's entire room has the four functions required of a hotel (bed, toilet, bath, and eating space) and are not visible from the outside.
(As of December 29, 2021) / Stellar Associe research

Koshikano Onsen GLAMPING
Attractions of Koshikano Onsen


The most attractive feature of Koshikano Onsen Glamping in Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, located at the southernmost tip of Kyushu, is that it is a completely private space.
This private space is large, and contains all necessary features, such as the bedroom, dining room, hot spring, and restroom.
Therefore, from check-in to check-out, you can enjoy your time relaxing in your own private space.

There is no time limit for meals or baths.
Please relax in your favorite space without worrying about time or the order you do things in.



Glamping with with "open-air bath with hot spring water from the source".

Located in Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, at the southernmost tip of Kyushu, Koshikano Onsen has its own hot spring source and is one of the best hot springs in Japan.
It has long been loved by the locals for its skin-beautifying effects.
Not only is the hot spring water very soothing on your skin, but it has no problematic effects, making it safe for anyone to use for a long time.
We are proud of our hot spring water, and it is available in all buildings and rooms.
Please enjoy the water to your heart's content.



Special Space with air-conditioned, bonfire, and starry sky

Rooms are completely private.
There is no need to wander around the facility looking for meal or bath spaces: you can do everything in your room.
The indoor spaces are air-conditioned and heated, so you will be warm in winter and cool in summer. The outdoor space offers hot spring, sauna, bonfire, and star gazing experiences.
If you go to bed with the curtains of the dome tent open, you can sleep on a soft bed while gazing at the starry sky.
Enjoy this extraordinary time.



Your own "Revitalize" glamping experience

We have rooms available with not only a completely private hot spring, but also with a private sauna.
Between the hot spring, sauna, water bath, and infinity chairs, you are all set for relaxing.

Since it is a private sauna, you can use it at your own pace without worrying about the time of day, or how many time you want to use it. The temperature can be freely adjusted, so you can enjoy it whether you're a first timer, a regular sauna user, or with your family, friends, or partner.
Leisurely and comfortably enjoy this private spa experience to your heart's content.
※Available exclusively in Suite Glamping and Hot Spring Inn Glamping.



Glamping dinners are, of course, barbecue (BBQ).

If you're going camping, you're going to want to have a barbecue.
We have received many requests from visitors who want to do only the fun par, so we take care of prep and cleanup, leaving you only the fun part.

The ingredient lineup includes many local Kagoshima products.
The food is prepared in advance, so all you have to do is just grill or heat it up.
Please enjoy the assortment of meat and seafood barbecued using an actual grill.
※Dinner menus are different depending on if you are Glamping or Hot Spring Inn Glamping.



Stay with your dog all the time! Accommodation Experience with Pets

During vacations, pets are often left alone in their crates during meals and baths. At Koshikano Onsen Glamping in Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, located at the southernmost tip of Kyushu, you can spend the entire time together without the stress of being separated from your pet.

Your dog's meals will be served in a special dining space in your room.
Your pet can also enjoy the hot springs with your family in the pet bath.

To make your luggage as light as possible, we have prepared amenities for your dog (crate, pee pads, poop bags, plastic bags, towels, food bowl, water bowl, hair removing roller, deodorizing spray, shampoo, dryer, etc.).


Koshikano Onsen GLAMPING
Differences and features of each glamping facility

  • スイートグランピング

    Suite Glamping

    Indulge in the highest level of luxurious space for your glamping experience. The indoor area ensures year-round comfort with efficient climate control. In the outdoor space, exclusively enjoy luxurious amenities such as a bonfire, open-air bath, sauna, and more, creating a retreat for your leisure.

  • スタンダードグランピング

    Standard Glamping

    Experience comfort in a spacious setting. Relax freely in a climate-controlled dome tent and an open-air bath with hot spring water, creating an extraordinary atmosphere for your getaway.

  • スタンダードグランピング

    Hot Spring Inn Glamping

    The best of both, combining the charm of a traditional hot spring inn with the excitement of glamping. Enjoy the comforts of a hot spring inn room while indulging in affordable extras such as a sauna, bonfire, and barbecue.

  • スタンダードグランピング

    Amenities, Facilities, Options

    Travel light for a full-course of luxury. We provide not only essentials like skincare products but also feature high-end appliances you've always wanted to try in your room. Pack lightly and take home abundant memories from your enjoyable stay.

 Suite StandardHot spring ryokan
Maximum number of guests6 persons6 persons2 persons
(1 night per room for 2 persons with dinner and breakfast)
JPY 66,000 and up
(JPY 33,000 per adult)
JPY 55,000 and up
(JPY 27,500 per adult)
JPY 44,000 and up
(JPY 22,000 per adult)
DiningIndoor with air conditioning and heatingDeck terrace with air-conditioning and heatingIndoor with air conditioning and heating
washbasinIndoor with air conditioning and heating
2 bowls
1 bowl
Indoor with air conditioning and heating
1 bowl
Shower rooomIndoorCovered outdoorIndoor
Bonfire spacePrivate space*Only the room with pets have bonfires in the common space.Common spacePrivate space
Pets are welcomeYes
Up to 1 large dog up to 40 kg
(Up to 2 small dogs)
Up to 1 large dog up to 40 kg
(Up to 2 small dogs)
Up to 2 small dogs

Koshikano Onsen GLAMPING
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〒899-5112 2625 Hayatocho Matsunaga, Kirishima, Kagoshima 899-5112, Japan
Open 24 hours

ocated at the southernmost tip of Kyushu in Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Koshikano Onsen Glamping is a 15-minute drive from the Mizobe Kagoshima Airport Interchange.
Transportation to and from Kagoshima Airport and Kokubu Station is provided.

Click here for details on accessing Koshikano Onsen.