Hot spring resort and hotel general election 2023 winner

  • 温泉宿・ホテル総選挙2023 全国ランキング 第1位
  • 温泉宿・ホテル総選挙2023 全国ランキング 第1位
  • 温泉宿・ホテル総選挙2023 全国ランキング 第1位
  • 温泉宿・ホテル総選挙2023 全国ランキング 第1位

Koshikano onsen is an establishment of VISION GLAMPING Resort&Spa.

About Koshikano onsen,
a famous hot spring in Kirishima

The hot springs that naturally flow in the Kirishima region of Kagoshima Prefecture are renowned for their exceptional quality and abundance. We invite you to relish the rich, time-honored hot spring waters to your heart's content.
Our hot springs aren't limited to indoor baths alone; we also offer invigorating outdoor baths. Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating Koshika hot spring, celebrated for its skin-nourishing properties, and let your body and mind unwind in its soothing embrace.

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Transcending time and connecting heartsFamous hot spring of Kirishima city, Koshikano

When the river valley comes into view after passing through the mountain paths of the Kirishima mountain range, you can feel the steam rising up.
The beautiful babbling of the river and the stretch of ricepaddies stir the traveler's heart.
Since its establishment in 1978, it has gained a reputation for the quality of its hot springs, and has become a hot-spring health resort that is well-loved and crowded.

Although the building is new, it is still a historic hot spring that has inherited various aspects of history.
The Koshikano onsen breathes quietly.

Honor of a well-known hot spring

Beloved as a hot-spring health resort
Kirishima's famous hot springs with a long history.

Koshikano onsen is one out of Kirishima hot spring villages that boasts one of the best quality hot springs in Japan which are one of the few where the source springs out naturally.
It is popular as a hot spring good for the skin, and you can enjoy various baths such as outdoor and indoor baths.

Learn about Koshikano

Abundant hot water・Bath

Healing hot spring baths located all in one place.

At Koshikano onsen, you can enjoy ryokan with hot spring baths in every room, as well as guest room glamping with open-air hot spring baths in every room.


Attraction of Kirishima city, Kagoshima

Stretch your legs,
and there lies history and nature.

A short walk from the hot springs brings you to the seasonal events that herald the changing of the seasons. Kirishima hot spring village, a historic hot spring resort designated as a national recreational hot spring resort, filled with the warmth and hospitality that is unique to this town.

Koshikano tourist information

Greetings from the famous hot spring of Kirishima,
Koshikano onsen

We welcome our guests with sincerity.

Katsuji Sano,
owner of Koshikano onsen

Thank you for visiting the Koshikano onsen website.
Koshikano onsen was opened in 1978 as "Koso" and has flourished as an inn where people from all over Japan visit for hot spring water flowing fresh and untreated from the source, as it is known for its natural carbonated spring water that is gentle to the skin.
However, the inn had deteriorated and was regrettably closed for a time, but it was renovated and reopened as "Koshikano onsen which is good for the skin " to make it an easy-to-use healing place for everyone.
We are making a new start as a skin-friendly hot spring that has been handed down since our founding, using free-flowing hot springs and natural carbonated springs at all locations.

Furthermore, from 2022, we are proceeding with renewal as a glamping facility with all rooms with hot spring water.We hope you will look forward to the future of "Koshikano onsen for beautiful skin,"where our staff will continue to serve you with their best smiles and energy so that you can enjoy a place where you can be healed at any time.


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Our staff will contact you in advance when introducing it.